Raw Tierra is born from a love of design, abstract art and love of the earth. What initially appears to be a stunning work of art on each case, is actually real photographic imagery obtained by satellites orbiting the Earth. 

Raw Tierra's founder, Annaliese, has spent her working life liaising with artisans and crafters in her own "brick and mortar" store in an inner-city town in north Melbourne. This store was dedicated to locally designed, made and hand-crafted fashion and accessories. Annaliese worked with small businesses, developing their brand and social presence and also in crafting her own range of handmade, ethical products. Raw Tierra is a culmination of these past experiences combined with her passion for unique and sustainable design. 

Raw Tierra is an Australian owned and run business and is committed to sustainable business practices. By working with global partners, Raw Tierra cases can be manufactured and shipped from your country or region, thereby reducing carbon emissions from shipping across the globe. Raw Tierra's flagship product, the Eco Phone Case is free of environmentally damaging phthalates, BPA and cadmium, and will biodegrade fully in compost after approximately six months. Raw Tierra hope to introduce more eco friendly products to their range in the future.

Raw Tierra would like to acknowledge and credit the U.S. Geological Survey, Department of the Interior/USGS for the spectacular photography used in our range.

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